Professional civil liability

Professional Civil Liability that for primary patrimonial damages may derive from professional errors that the Insured may incur in the exercise of his activity, caused involuntarily.

Primary patrimonial damages are understood to mean the impairment or patrimonial damage suffered by the injured party as a consequence of the insured activity, and which directly and immediately produces the deprivation of the enjoyment of a right.


The Civil Liability directly demandable to the employees of the Insured, linked to him by labor dependency, in the exercise of the functions of their mission entrusted by the Insured within the scope of their profession.

As well as material damage, loss or misplacement that may be suffered by the files or documents that are in the possession of the Insured for the development of the entrusted management.

Civil defense and bonds, both for the insured and their employees by company lawyers and solicitors, as well as the bonds that are required to ensure their possible civil liabilities.

The defense of the insured against unfounded claims due to events covered by the policy is also ensured.

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