Health collective

Group health insurance has the advantage of being able to offer a more adjusted premium adapted to the members of the company.

In addition, the company will obtain tax benefits, since the premiums paid will be fully considered a tax-deductible expense in corporation tax.

For the worker it is also a social benefit, since the company is concerned about the welfare of its workers. It reduces work absenteeism since waiting for consultations and tests is avoided, and it also allows them to be carried out outside working hours. They will also obtain tax benefits since health insurance paid by the company is not considered compensation in kind, as long as it does not exceed €500 per year per worker, therefore the tax base will not increase.

Obtaining comprehensive and high-quality medical assistance, with access to consultations, medical treatments, as well as all the hospitalizations and interventions that are required. Being able to freely choose the doctor and clinic within the company’s medical staff.

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