Medical Assistance Insurance, which covers all types of visits, diagnostic tests, hospital admissions and interventions that you or your family require.

For businessmen and professionals, the premiums earned are a deductible expense for their own coverage, their spouse and children under 25 who live with them, with a limit of €500 for each of these people.


  • No waiting list and free choice of specialists, within the extensive medical guide
  • Medical and surgical care of all specialties
  • Prosthesis
  • Unlimited hospital admission, including medication, in a single room
  • Second diagnosis (both nationally and internationally)
  • Free health card at no additional cost per visit or service
  • 24-hour urgent assistance in Spain and abroad
  • Discounts on family policies
  • If you already have health insurance, possibility of eliminating some deficiencies


By taking out dental insurance, the costs of dental treatment are substantially reduced. Since the insured participates in the cost of the service, through the application of deductibles for each treatment.

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