Association of professionals of physical activity and sport of Catalonia


If you are a personal trainer, have a health center, yoga, pilates, gym, or organize activities, or events, extracurricular, etc., do you already have your users duly insured?

Whether you have a company or are self-employed, it is mandatory to have insured the participants/users/partners of any sports physical activity through an accident policy (Decree 58/2010, of sports entities in Catalonia).

Request your personalized budget without any commitment.


Medical Assistance Insurance, which covers all types of visits, diagnostic tests, hospital admissions and interventions that you or your family require.

For businessmen and professionals, the premiums earned are  a deductible expense  for their own coverage, their spouse and children under 25 who live with them, with a limit of €500 for each of these people.

Your health insurance with free choice within the medical directory at a special price for your group, from €40/month/insured if you are under 49 years of age.

If you like natural medicine, we have your insurance, you can access the consultation of any homeopath, osteopath, acupuncturist or chiropractor with reimbursement of the bill.

Ask us and we will advise you on which is the most suitable company and insurance for your needs.


If you already have insurance, we will improve the premium, and if not, discounts of up to 25%.

Life insurance will allow you to protect your family as only you wish, by guaranteeing that the economic level they enjoy does not change in the future.

This insurance guarantees the payment of the contracted capital in the event of death or incapacity of the insured, thus protecting the well-being of his family.


  • Compensation of the capital contracted for death or disability for any cause.
  • In case of terminal illness, advance of the total insured capital.
  • In case of serious illness, medical advice by a team of experts.
  • Telephone medical attention service 24 hours a day for problems related to your health.


  • Double capital in case of death or disability due to accident.
  • Triple capital in case of death or disability due to a traffic accident.


An insurance that will help you bear the financial burdens that may arise in the event of death or disability due to 

accident, with coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and throughout the world.

Partial disability due to accident is covered, and will be applied based on a scale, which is detailed in the policy.


Accident:  Any bodily injury that derives from a violent, sudden, external cause and beyond the intention of the insured.

Permanent Disability: Anatomical loss or total or partial functional decrease of a permanent and irreversible nature, suffered by the insured as a direct consequence of the accident.


Dependence is that state of a permanent nature in which people find themselves who, for reasons derived from age, illness or disability, and linked to the lack or loss of physical, mental, intellectual or sensory autonomy, require the attention of another person or other people or important help to carry out basic activities of daily living.

With this insurance, you guarantee a monthly income for total dependency, and additional guarantees:

  • telecare
  • Housing adaptation
  • Telephone medical guidance
  • Telephone social orientation
  • Advice in residences
  • personal help at home
  • Dispatch of health personnel at home
  • Technical help


Take out this insurance with advantages for your group, discounts of up to 30%. Ask for a budget without obligation and you will get the best price and personalized advice.


  • Free assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Water damage, including troubleshooting
  • Damage to facilities and replacement of electrical appliances due to electrical damage
  • Cosmetic damage in the event of an accident
  • Fire, explosion, lightning strike
  • Locksmith in case of loss or theft of keys
  • Robbery outside the home and fraudulent use of cards
  • 25% of the capital value of the jewelery content at no additional cost
  • 25% of the capital value of the content in objects of special value at no additional cost
  • Deterioration of food in the refrigerator due to supply failure or breakdown
  • Private and family civil liability as head of the family
  • Legal defense
  • Goods for professional use up to €3,000
  • computer support for computers

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